410021 Nagyvárad / Oradea, Piața Regele Ferdinand I., Nr. 6., Bihor, RO

The festival

We are founding this festival so that the all-covering time will not be triumphant over memory. We do this believing that the will and creative power of the generation of „A Holnap” could and can be continued by the generations to come. Their example is proof: the creative spirit of this city is not gone. It bursts out again and again, despite the sheer power with which history sometimes strives to curb it. Oradea speaks in Hungarian on the stage of Europe, and has been doing so for over a millenium, It has given outstanding personalities to Hungarian culture, enriching the city's, but also Hungarian culture in general.


In the founding book of HolnapUtán Festival, organized by Szigligeti Theatre Oradea for the first time in 2013, Holnap Literary Group is named as its spiritual predecessor, the members of which have influenced not only the cultural life of turn-of-the-century Oradea, but also Hungarian cultural life as a whole. The group was defined by values such as a progressive worldview, the reevaluation of traditions, the credible employment of contemporary forms of expression, and the favouring of young talents. HolnapUtán Festival takes place each year following the inheritance of the group. This year's edition is centered around theatre performances.

The aim of HolnapUtán Festival, organized this year between 6—9 April, is to initiate a real dialogue between acclaimed theatre artists, young talents and the audience, through guest plays and complementary events. When creating the schedule, staying true to Szigligeti Theatre's mission, we have tried to involve as many debuntant artists as possible, young artists who have put to the stage productions praised by critics and audiences alike, in the most important theatres of the region.

The fact that the event series includes several forms of art gives us a chance to thematize actual problems that affect young generations in a way that makes good use of contemporary tendencies in theatre, fine art and music, all the while ocupying the most significant cultural spaces of the city. Thus, besides theatre events, we will also have a workshop dedicated to Hungarian theatre academies from the Carpathian Basin, concerts of two actors' bands, an exhibition opening, and the launch of the newest edition of Várad Cultural Magazine.